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New On Call Program Replaces Stickers

Exciting News for Ashland Only Customers!

Those of you who use the Sticker Program should have received a pre-recorded message from our office regarding the upcoming change to the popular program.

Hello, this is Recology Ashland calling to inform you of a change with the Sticker program.  According to our records, you have used our popular sticker program for trash or recycling pickup either currently or in the past.We’re excited to announce that beginning April 1st  you will no longer have to purchase stickers for future pickups.

In place of stickers, you will simply contact us to request an “on-call” pickup.  Contact us at least 24 hours in advance of your normal pickup day by phone or online.  

Cost is the same rate you currently pay per sticker. We will then bill you for each pickup during the quarter.

We will continue to honor any stickers that you currently hold, just use them as normal until they are gone.

Thank you and have a great day!

Changes to Your Account

 Due to privacy and other legal concerns, we are unable to allow anyone who is not listed on the account to make any account changes or to request service changes. If you think you will have a need for others to make account changes for you from time to time, please contact our office to have them added as an authorized user.

About Recology Ashland

Recology Ashland has served as Ashland, Talent and the surrounding areas solid waste disposal provider for over 50 years. Recology has a proud history of strong community interaction as well as state-of-the-art recycling services. We own and operate the Recology Valley View Transfer Station and operate the downtown Ashland Recycling Center (on Water Street) for the City of Ashland.

Spring Plastic Round-Up

The Jackson County Master Recyclers are disappointed to announce that

There will not be a Spring Plastic Round-Up


There are several factors out of local control that have affected the county’s ability to hold the event.

Plastics’ recycling has become challenging over the last number of months; and by many indications, this trend will continue in the near future. One of the main factors is that oil prices are extremely low. This makes the use of virgin materials cheaper and more attractive for plastic manufacturers as opposed to using recycled plastics. It is becoming more costly and difficult to find markets for the plastics found around the home (such as toys, hangers, and other small random plastics). Domestic and export markets for recycled plastics are full and focusing on the higher value and easy to use plastics.

Globally, the slowdowns in China’s economy and production rate have affected the consumption of recycled plastic as a feedstock for new products. In some cases, smaller consumers of mixed plastics have had to shut their doors until better markets return.

That being said, it is a personal decision if you want to continue to save your plastic in hope that we will be able to revive the event in the future.


The opportunity of this current situation is not to recycle more but to look seriously at the plastics we accumulate and creatively make different buying decisions that avoid and reduce products sold in plastic. It is a chance to focus on the first two R’s REDUCING & REUSING.

For other plastic round-up questions contact:   541-494-5488 or

Upcoming Events

Rogue Valley Earth Day Celebration

We look forward to seeing you this year at the Rogue Valley Earth Day celebration at Science Works on Saturday April 23rd. Rogue Valley Earth Day is a joyful annual celebration for all to learn about environmental stewardship and build community in a fun and inspirational setting. The theme for 2016 is "Rising to the Challenge". For more information go to